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2023 Bronze Winner for Awareness and Media Category


The Whitney Museum of American Art

New York, New York

Hosted by acclaimed photographer Carrie Mae Weems, Artists Among Us explores the evolution of the Manhattan coastline through the history of the Meatpacking District. Using David Hammons' monumental sculpture in the Hudson River, Day's End, as a jumping off point, we travel through time to know and understand the people, cultures, and environmental forces that have shaped the land where The Whitney Museum now stands.

Role: Audio Editor and Producer with SOUND MADE PUBLIC

The Rubin Museum of Art
New York, New York

AWAKEN is a podcast hosted by renowned musician and performance artist Laurie Anderson, that explores the dynamic path to enlightenment and what it means to 'wake up.' Each episode delves into the personal stories of guests who share how they've experienced a shift in their awareness, and as a result, their perspective on life.


This series is produced alongside the Rubin's exhibition "Awaken: A Tibetan Buddhist Journey Toward Enlightenment," with each guest using artwork as a jumping off point to delve deeper into who they are and how they honor the profound nature of everyday life.

Role: Senior Producer, Sound Designer, Audio Editor with SOUND MADE PUBLIC

Mind's Eye

The Guggenheim Museum

New York, New York

Mind's Eye is a sensory audio experience designed for blind and low-vision folks, that guides listeners through Frank Lloyd Wright's architectural masterpiece: The Guggenheim Museum. Each episode  highlights a different element of the structure, from light and sound to touch and scale, through the use of evocative language and creative sound. We worked with a blind control group to maximize the experience for our target audience. 

Role: Audio Editor, Sound Designer, Producer with SOUND MADE PUBLIC 

Featured in the New York Times and NPR



Apple Podcasts Best of 2021: Shows We Love

2022 Honoree for Arts and Culture Podcasts

The Guggenheim Museum

New York, New York

Guggenheim A to Z features intimate and insightful conversations from experts, that explore topics central to the Guggenheim Museum and the landscape of modern and contemporary art as a whole. Created at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, this podcast was designed to bring art into the lives and homes of people everywhere. Conversations span Non-Objectivity, Spirituality, Identity, Performance, Social Practice, and Process Art, as well as Globalism in art. 

Role: Audio Editor + Producer with SOUND MADE PUBLIC

Speaking Of


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#3 Best Podcast of 2023

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2023 Winner of Best Longform Storytelling 


San Francisco, California

Season 2: Becoming Muslim follows the stories of eight individuals in America who have chosen to convert to Islam, so we can better understand their motivations and the challenges they face.


Season 3: A Prayer for Salmon documents the Winnemem Wintu tribe's fight to save the salmon in their native land of Northern California, as the US government continues to destroy their habitat.


Role: Investigative Researcher 

Design in Mind


San Francisco, California

SPEAKING OF______ is a podcast series that explores the lives and works of some of the most interesting and risk-taking creatives working today. From Oscar winners Laura Poitras and Berry Jenkins, to designer Vivienne Westwood, to artist John Baldessari, and author Lawrence Ferlinghetti, this series invites guests to share their insights and understandings of exactly what empowers them to make the work that they do.


Role: Script Writer, Sound Designer, Audio Editor, and Producer

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The Spiritual Edge

Arkitektura Assembly 

San Francisco, California

Design in Mind features conversations with today's leading designers, from Studio Job to Nacho Carbonell, helping us understanding more deeply who they are and how they feed the creative spark that lives inside them.

Role: Audio Editor + Producer with SOUND MADE PUBLIC



San Francisco, California

The ReadMe Podcast takes a look behind the scenes of the most impactful open source projects and the developers who make them happen. 

Role: Audio Editor + Producer with SOUND MADE PUBLIC



San Francisco, California

Created by artist Paula Williams, SHAMEBOOTH is both a podcast and an installation art project that encourages discussion on all that shames us so that we may be more free of it.


Role: Audio Editor and Marketing Strategist

other works
Rem Koolhaus Exhibit at 
The Guggenheim Museum

New York, New York

Audio Editor with


Nina Katchadourian at 
Fridmar Gallery

New York, New York

Audio Editor

Screen Shot 2021-12-06 at 6.11.46 PM.png
Nina Katchadourian at The Catherine Clark Gallery

San Francisco, California

Audio Co-Editor

The Kitchen Sisters Present

San Francisco, California

Production Intern

BBC Radio 4 Open Book

Monterey, California


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